Discover what is the ideal bikini style to enhance your type of body.

Finding the right bikini can be a challenging task, the options seem endless… there are different colours, prints, fabrics and models on the market, but here is where we come, our editors have put together the perfect guide to make the choice a simple one.

Large Bust

For this type of body, support is key. Choose tops that are half-cup or a model that ties on the front, which enhances the neck and provides extra support. Thick straps relieve the weight and provide that extra support you need. Go for a flatter colours and avoid big prints. If you are the type that really like thin straps in the top then try to make sure the sides of the top are thicker to balance the weight.


Small Bust

This type of body means let’s support required so take advantage of it. The triangle top is the best friend of small bust. Draped, wrinkled, ruffled, fringed and embroidered give the impression of more volume.  Little coverage styles are super in for this season so you can embrace them to the fullest. Abuse of tops with vivid colours and large prints.

bikini set with ruffle in the top and floral print .jpg


The ideal bikini for this silhouette needs to have details that direct the look to the bust or the hip. V-neck swimsuits are ideal for creating a vertical line at the bust area and lengthening the silhouette. High waist bikinis and hot pants are also an option. Avoid striking prints and prefer neutral colours.

One piece white swimwear in crochet front .jpg


Athletic bodies generally have small waist. Draperies, bow knickers, swimsuits with cut-outs give the impression of a thin waist. Avoid straight swimsuits. There are not many restrictions in this case and the size of the bust will determine which bikini is perfect.

one piece swimwear in grey front .jpg

Narrow shoulders and large hip (triangle)  

To disguise the volume of the hip, try to wear dark panties with wider sides, trying to show the top. The bra should be patterned or textured (lace, ruffles, embroidery etc) to bring the focus of the look on the top of the body. Swimsuits ( one piece) do not usually go well.


Wide shoulders and little hip (inverted triangle body)

To balance the silhouette, which has shoulders wider than the hips, the best thing you should focus on is the bottom that ties to the side, with vibrant applications, colours and prints, to draw more attention to this part of the body. At the top, you'd prefer dark, smooth pieces and no straps, or off-shoulder options.

Gold bikinis set 1.PNG

Additional Tips:

Oh, how we love to hate our muffin top, but a solution is here! A high-waisted bottom works wonders -- just make sure it extends above your belly button.

bikini set in black with high waist and triangle top .jpg

Sensitive Skin

Sun-sensitive ladies have it tough. You want to catch some rays, but you don’t want to look or feel like a boiled lobster afterwards. But beyond having a coverup and SPF 50 sunblock at the ready, your swimsuit can also provide a bit of stylish protection. Consider the long-sleeved one piece, they aren’t just for serious surfers anymore and they also come in a variety of fun, eye-catching prints.

one piece swimear with long sleeves in a animal print front.jpg


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