It is nearly that summer season that everyone is excited about, and finally, time to have some holiday fun has come! and the big question is.... have you gotten your summer body back on track yet? If not, fear no more, there is still plenty of time to do so and rock your summer body.  After all, summertime is all about having fun, and of course wear amazing bikinis.


You can follow the these simple principles and you will be able to be in the healthiest shape to feel amazing to wear your favourite designer bikini and set the beach on fire!

Sporty woman in squat position exercising with kettlebell outdoors during sunset.
Attractive young sporty woman doing side plank outdoors.

1. Perform some daily compound exercises.

Burning body fats and building you muscle is something that can be done simultaneously. All you need to do is schedule a routine at which you will be able to perform some compound exercise like squats, rows, bench, push-ups and deadlifts at which you can perform all of them in a loop. It is important that you choose a routine that you feel more comfortable with so that you stay motivated all the time. Try the routine with giving little to no rest in between as this will make your heart and lungs pump fast thus increasing the metabolic rate thus more fats are burnt in the process. Bingo!

Long haired slim fit sportswoman exercising on bosu ball outdoors during sunset.

2. Make runs and sprints

Many people prefer using the treadmill, and while this might be helpful, running outside and performing sprints outside will just get you quicker results. Performing this with maximum efforts for 30 minutes will leave a quick after burn which will make the body continue burning calories even after the workout.

healthy raw avocado burger with salted salmon and fresh vegetables.  selective focus

3. Control your diet

All the workouts and efforts that you make daily should be complemented with a good diet. This does not mean you have to starve yourself if you are planning to lose some weight. It is recommended, if you are bulking your body that you eat meals with more green vegetables, lean meat and good fats in your meals. You need to watch out for the levels of your sugar intakes too and reduce it as much as you can... Sugar is our enemy here!

Woman practicing yoga in various poses

4. Meditation and good sleep

You can use 10 to 20 minutes every morning for meditation purposes and you can use some meditation apps in the market to help you with it. Some good sleep is important for your body to recover the energy so that you can carry on with your routine the next day.

Finally, it is important to note that caffeine is a good remedy as a supplement during workouts and it will help you perform even more but one cup in the morning is enough for your training and accelerate your metabolism.

So now that you have the workout routines, improved your diet and conditioned your body, you are ready to rock your healthier and happier body on the beach wearing your amazing designer swimwear.

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