With beach season fast approaching, KOI BIKINIS has gathered tips from our swimwear designers around how you can look after your bikinis in an optimal way.

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When you buy those two beautiful pieces that fall superbly on your body, but they don’t stand even a season. That's because bikinis and swimsuits cannot be treated like any other outfit. They demand care when it comes to using and washing.

 On the beach or pool, avoid having direct contact with chemicals such as sunscreens and tanning oils on the bikini. Of course, you will not go around unprotected, or avoid the must tan sessions we all look forward to during summer! But when doing so try to use non-greasy products and apply before putting your bikini on, wait a few minutes for it to absorb well and only then you can put on your swimwear. When re-applying your sunscreen try to touch the fabric as little as possible. After entering the sea water or swimming pool, take a shower to remove all salt and chlorine and pay attention to where you sit, because some surfaces might damage your piece. So we recommend you to always carry one cover up or a towel around.


Cleaning/washing your bikini

The best way to wash swimwear is by hand and with neutral soap, coconut or even products made to wash baby clothes are great options and remember do not twist it.

“No, impossible, you do not have time to wash by hand”? Then invest in a laundry bag to wash delicate pieces in the washing machine. Choose the light cycle for delicate clothes. Bikini top’s pads cannot go to the washing machine at all as that will ruin their form, so make sure you remove them before washing your garment. Finally, let it dry naturally in the shade. Ah! Softener and bleach … do not even think about using those in the cleaning process! and finally, make sure the pieces are completely dry before storing them.

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This is not much of a day-to-day thing, but reading the tag of all the clothes is very important. Each fabric has its own characteristics and there the manufacturer explains exactly what can and cannot be done to your swimwear. It's better to overdo the care than to miss a summer adventure buddy that you love.

Now that you know how to look after your pieces come and browse our swimwear designer so you can start planning to be beach ready!