Summer is here and so is the swimsuit season. Gone are the days when swimsuits came in just one style. Now there are hundreds of different types of swimwear to choose from. No matter what your body type, there are myriad of different swimsuit options available for you. We have compiled a list of the hottest swimwear trends for you to choose from so the next time you hit the beach, all eyes are on you.

The classic one piece

One thing that has remained consistent throughout the evolving swimwear trends throughout the ages has been the classic one piece. The one piece is incredibly comfortable to wear and looks just as smashing as a bikini. With the new styles of the one piece, now it’s not just about covering up your body but instead accentuating all its best features. With a cut out one piece, you can decide which best asset of yours you want to put on display.

Back Lacing

Putting a spin on the classic front tie ups, back lacing seriously brings up the oomph factor in swimwear. These intricate little swimsuits hug your curves perfectly and make that killer beach body look even more fabulous. Pair this up with oversized shades and you are ready to rock that retro look.

Crochet swimwear

Who would have thought that crochet would be one of the hottest summer beach trends? Making their way from old knitting ladies to the hottest beach bodies, crochet has just the right amount of sexiness. If you want to put a boho twist on your swimwear, then crochet is the way to go. You can mix up different patterns and colors to create a truly unique combination for your fabulous beach body.

Nude Swimwear

The best way to embrace the birthday suit trend without actually letting your parts hang out is to choose nude swimwear. Nudes have taken over the runway from nude makeup to nude shoes. Now the trend has infiltrated the bikini bandwagon too. Nude swimwear makes you look effortlessly sexy and glam. Pair this up with your favorite red lipstick to complete your sexy look.

Which swimwear trend is your favorite?

Karen Duque